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Info Tabs on Product View page do not work after upgrade
Phillip Hughes
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Joined:  2008-05-18

I have recently upgraded to 1.2.0 and the Information Tabs on my Product View page now do not work since the upgrade.

To clarify I am using a highly modified version of the default template and I had taken the original code from the Modern template some time ago probably around 1.0.

The strange thing is I have used a copy of the standard ‘modern’ theme on my Magento build and the tabs work fine.

I have compared the code between ‘page.xml’ in which I have noticed the original does not manually include the tabs.js file also compared ‘view.phtml’ for product view page and also tabs.phtml.

Apart from the fact that the original doesn’t include the .js file in the same way all of the code is identical.

I was fairly sure that these are the only 3 files that can effect the tabs being viewed but as this was using Varien Tabs library it might possibly be integrated with the Mage or Core javascript files.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!

Many thanks,

Phillip Hughes

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