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Websites lock up when editing products through the admin console
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The websites on our hosted server lock up any time we make an edit to a catalog item through the Magento admin console. We can update products without a problem using Magento Store Manager from MagneticOne.

In doing some troubleshooting in the Webhost Manager, I can see the trouble in the SQL processes running when we try to do an update. It appears the catalog table gets locked to start a MySQL transaction, then the remaining SQL queries are not able to execute. Meanwhile the catalog table is inaccessible for any website navigation, search, etc. The SQL queries just start stacking up waiting for the lock file to clear

The lock query times out after 15 minutes or so and things go back to normal, but the product records are never updated as requested.

Any insights on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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We had these types of symptoms back when we were starting out and had been put on a shared host server with extremely marginal resources allocated to PHP and absolutely inadequate memory allocated to MySQL so it would hang upon any slightly stressful saves like category changes and heavily optioned product. It eventually lead to total erasure of all categories when MySQL collapsed under the strain.

Sounds like your system needs a bit of optimization.

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