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Multiple Stores Admin Request
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I think I’m doing this correctly, so I will go ahead and try to explain my request.

I am working on the multiple stores, single checkout theme (similar to gap, old navy, etc).

Here is my current problem/request. Please let me know if I am not setting this up correctly.

All websites share the same website name - “Main website” (even though they are different urls, they share one checkout, shopping cart, login, etc). Each store (website) has different store name of which I have 4 currently. Each store currently has 4 different store views (english, spanish, dutch, french).

Now my problem/request comes as this:  For attributes (product options) I like to name each color as something special relating to that store view. For example, red may be “brick” in one store but “blood” in another and possibly “apple” for another. This is not real life example but just simple example. It is no problem getting Magento to do this, however it gets confusing with 4 different “English”, 4 different “Dutch”, etc. So my feature request comes down to this - an admin value for store views. Lets call Store 1 English as “store1_eng” but have it appear on the front end as simply “English”.


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