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Quantity Increments / Minimum Quantity
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Hi all.

I have a product that can be purchased in increments of 1, but a minimum of 50 has to be ordered. i.e cant order 49, but 51 is ok.
When 51 is added to the basket, this message appears:

“This pack quantity for this product must be ordered in increments of 50”

This isn’t correct. Increments have been allowed and set to 1 in both the configurable and simple product manager. On the product page on the site it also says ”Product is available for purchase in pack sizes of 1”. This makes me think that I have set everything up ok, and its Magento being funny.

If you order 50, and it directs you to the checkout, you can actually enter 51 and update the totals, and this works fine. But obviously a customer wont know this. They will think you can only order 50, 100, 150 etc.

Anybody got an idea of what I can do? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note: I dont have access to CSS or anything. Just a log-in to our Magento.

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