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magento easy - emphasizing on more usability
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magento easy - emphasizing on more usability

Hallo magTeam!
thanx for the heartly welcome I recieved and my very first impression of your project, the idea and philosophy background e.g open source, modular architecture… looks very interesting and I appreciate your work @all.

I’m photographer and webdesigner and quite good in xhtml, css and a bit of php, but I’m also a very newcomer in eCommerce software solutions so I can not make things out so well, but you got plenty of positive responses from people which are dealing in this subject since years.

I came along here, because I’m doing a webstore for a customer, which have already a existing website which is done by me.

After I read your manuals and spent some days in your forum, after I installed your software on xaamp server on my pc, and tried to configure the shop… things came out as ‘it isn’t really easy’. My difficulties in some part were also mirroring in this forum.
Please allow me to outline the difficulties which I came across… let’s say more like out of a usual user viewed perspective.

I know your project is still beta, but the final release is in reach, as you published, so I guess substantial things won’t change in this time anymore.
After I read threads from others and thanx to your recent design guide and webinar which I participated and the movie with audio you published I got an imagination that applying a given template (tableless, xhtml) into magento might be possible without too hard difficulties.
Nevertheless I feel that the aspect of emphasizing usability for web or shopdesigners working with magento is a bit missed out and it is hard as nonmember of the developing team to follow (your) the holistic structure behind.

By revision the admin panel (CMS) and running some configuration, I had to look several times to the serversided files, codes and pathes to come to conclusion, what I’m really doing here. Usability is here also more preferable like a easy to use CMS e.g. Joomla. I also doubt if I give over a ready configured store to my customer that he is able to manage his own shop on his own, without giving him private seminars and for weeks support.

As I read also from other members your online demo shop site is loading very slow, and I share this expierence, and in fact, your complete website including this very forum shows the same slowliness, comparing to other websites, which I realised from early beginning.
I have to mention that I’m located in India, where usually affordable bandwidth isn’t yet so huge as e.g. in my home country Germany, where 6.000 kbps to 16.000 kbps is standard broadband nowadays.
With a bandwidth of 256 kbps you get more a feel for real loading times, that expierence you won’t get with a fast connection. Consider that not all people in this world have such fast connection available like we or you use, and I’m sure your opensource eCommerce solution is also thought for eCommerce developing countries like India which will have a very high demand in eCommerce in the very next future.

That so far, I hope my thoughts came through, wish all best for your great project, and I’m waiting for the next release, hopefully with a full configured demoshop include.
I hope also that a strong community will grow soon and a group of well exprienced users of magento will get formed which like to moderate, support and answer all those queries of newcomers like me in a real precise, practical, and prompt way, so initial confusion even won’t come up.

Regards from Pune

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