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install extension, but i don’t know it install it or not
Total Posts:  43
Joined:  2008-11-26
Fullerton, CA

i try to install extension called “Customer activation” ( )

i got this result. is that mean it install it ok?

do i need to do something before i install extension using “magento connect”?

below is the message i got.


Exception caught:

Warning: popen() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/anenkim7/public_html/ on line 247


#0 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ mageCoreErrorHandler(2, ‘popen() has bee...’, ‘/home/anenkim7/...’, 247, Array)
#1 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ OS_Guess->_detectGlibcVersion(’/usr/bin/cpp /t...’, ‘r’)
#2 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ OS_Guess->parseSignature()
#3 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ OS_Guess->OS_Guess(NULL)
#4 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Dependency2->PEAR_Dependency2()
#5 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Downloader->getDependency2Object(Object(PEAR_Config), Array, Array, 4)
#6 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Downloader->analyzeDependencies(Object(PEAR_Config), Array, Array, 4)
#7 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Downloader->download(Array)
#8 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Command_Install->doInstall(Array)
#9 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ PEAR_Command_Common->run(’install’, Array, Array)
#10 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Pear->run(’install’, Array, Array)
#11 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Pear->runHtmlConsole(’install’, Array, Array)
#12 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Model_Pear->installPackage(Array)
#13 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Controller->pearInstallPackagePostAction(’magento-communi...’)
#14 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Controller->dispatch()
#15 /home/anenkim7/public_html/ Maged_Controller::run()
#16 {main}


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