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configurable product price quantity discounts very big problem ! 
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Joined:  2008-12-01

I have setup a configurable products for a test.

The products has 2 sizes and 2 color option. Total 4 simple products that go through 1 configurable product.

Size one is set at 15 dollar for 1 item, no matten which of the 2 colors.
Size two is set to 100% mote than size 1

I have also setup quanitity discounts for example 2 pieces 10 dollar, 5 pieces 9 dollar and so one.

The first problem is that I have to set size 2 to a precentage of the original price.
If I would set size 2 to +15 dollar, I would also add 15 dollar to the +2 +5 price.
Setting percentage solves a bit of this problem as now it adds 100% to the +2 and +5 price.

The biggest problem however is on the front end.

The customer sees this:

Buy 10 for € 8.50 each and save 44%
Buy 5 for € 9.00 each and save 40%
Buy 2 for € 10.00 each and save 34%

Now when the customer selects a different size at +15 the customer still sees the discount list based in the original price. I would like the customer to see the +15 price and than the discount for these prices. Otherwise this is very confusing and he might think he gets 2 pieces for that price. Only at the bottum is shows the 1 price.

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