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Multiple shops and users. 
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Joined:  2011-11-17

I have an idea of getting all the independent local shops in my area, and selling all of their stock online under one umbrella.

Now I know that it is pretty much impossible for many reasons, but I am just wondering if a few things are possible using Magento.

1. Can I have “users” with the ability to control their own stock, prices etc without them having control over other “users”?
2. Can these “users” have their own homepage that they can put twitter updates, special offers etc on. Kind of like a myspace page or an ebay store?
3. Is there a common way for people to synchronise their stock in real time with sales etc in their brick and mortar shop. for example if a book shop sells a copy of book A in their shop then their online stock is automatically updated.

Has anyone attempted to do anything similar to this before?

Thanks for any help or advise any one can give, and I am completely open to and appreciative of any feedback.

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