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Show converted price of product into textbox in admin
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Joined:  2011-04-17

Hi All,

I need to show converted price of a product into “Prices” textbox under the “Price” tab into admin section. There are many vendors on my site who post their products from their login panel (to them admin look like panel is provide with certain restrictions of-course). They can upload the product into their chosen currency BUT the SUPERADMIN will look those into the BASE currency of the site.

Let’s say for example

I am a vendor and post a product into INR always and submitted a product from my panel with 100 INR, now when I save it into the DB I convert it into the base currency (USD) and then save which becomes $2.4 approx. When SUPERADMIN logs-in he see the price tag for that particular as $2.4. Now the requirement is that when the vendor (here in this case Myself as I have created the product) logs-in into the my account section and visit the price of the product that should be 100 into the textbox, here I do not know how to fetch the data (which is in $) from the DB and populate into the INR and then show into the textbox????

I am using Magento Enterprise Edition

Any Idea please???


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