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Dont buy Templates from WIZARDTHEME they are a scam ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WASTED 80USD FOR NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! 
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Joined:  2011-03-20

Just want to tell everyone to not do buy any templetes from Wizardtheme.
I wanted a left bar for my Magento Go store, I could not do it my self so Magento rekommended me to buy a template.
What an idiot I was and so I did from wizardtheme one with a left bar navigation.

First it took them 4 days to send me the link to download the templete then after they I could not install the template and contacted Magento I was told by Magento that wizardthemes need to install it for me. I contacted wizardthem as they never answer thier emails as they say they dont get them ahhh I had to tell them to check their spam and there my email was according to them...thats why they never answer ...anyways..they said they would install and add the left bar nav....I asked when this would be done...they said later today this will be done....they promised they also said they would send me an email like they said before...............No email have I recieved and still no left bar in my template...11days after I purchase a templete that if its not with leftbar menue really is not a template one can get the same with Magentos templates....

So if you want to have a left bar menu dont buy any templates from them… they are horrible...dont answer,...dont reply...and then say they will fix things witch they never do...............worst of all they are partners with sell thier templates witch they cant install as they are still on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So much problems with Magento Go templet I am starting to think the free version is better at least thier I can get a leftbar menue for free...............Hope you guys dont do the same mistake as me and wast 80usd on a templete that doesnt exist and that they take days sending to you and then its not like the template you purchased ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and of course they will add the left nav bar...I think that might take them some weeks lets see of course I need to be on thier back about this everyday as they dont move a finger if I dont tell them...............uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so upset what a BAD EXPERICNE .....I cant believe people sell templates they can install or rather say templates that dont look like what they show you when you purchase the template!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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