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Multiple Login for the same Magento User
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Joined:  2011-03-10

I know it sounds a bit odd at start but there must be an easy way out… I can’t imagine being the only one with this problem.


- My company sells products to other companies
- For each of these “customer companies” I can have a dozen different actual people that need individual access to the online store
- Each of these “customer Companies” has several different billing and shipping addresses
- Each person with individual access to the online store should be able to view the entire order backlog for the company

I just can’t figure out an effective way to put this up and running in Magento.

One way would be setting up users and grouping them in Magento as users groups to create the concept of a “customer company”. The problem is that management will become complicated. If an address for a company is changed, I’d have to figure out a way to manually update the available addresses to all users within this group. Since I have 750+ active customer companies, this could become a serious issue. Order backlog access would be another problem. User A from company 1 should see all order backlog…

The other way I thought was tweaking Magento User structure, where a single magento used could have multiple logins, thus sharing the rest of the structure (addresses, order backlog etc). The magento user would become my “customer company”.

Can this be done without hardcore, core crushing coding ?
There must be a simple way to address this.

best regards,

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I’m looking for the same solution. Have one company/user but then create new users that would all be linked to the same company?

Anyone out there doing this already? Or is there an extension to accomplish this?

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