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Bundle Products not visible in back end
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Joined:  2011-07-15

Having a wierd issue with bundle products and can’t find any one else having the same issue.

I have a site that sells basic bundle products that CAN be back-ordered if component SKU’s are unavailable.

If the order is placed through the front end it is successfully added to the customer’s cart, goes through the checkout without a hitch, and displays correctly in the front end order view. The transactional email is also sent out correctly showing the bundled item.

However if the order is viewed from the back end via Sales/Orders the bundle item does not appear though simple items do. The total order price IS correct which leads me to believe that the order exists in my database correctly but is simply not displaying. Fortunately I caught this on a trial order and managed to catch it. For the time being I have CC’d myself off of every order so I can see all the line items and do things by hand. Two of the items are back ordered on this but it still needs to work.

Anyone with any ideas on how to solve this or where to start looking it would be much appreciated.


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