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Bundle products : very serious issue price
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in reference to this thread :

I’ve create a store for my customer, and according to his needs I proposed to use only products bundle. That is a clean and power solution for many cases. Now i have a big big problem....

In my layered navigation, the price is completely broken i can see only O€ - 1€, but i have only bundle products from 100$ to 2000$.
Also in the advanced search the search by price for bundle products does not work, i can’t search the product prices with bundles, for me is a disaster because my customer depends only on bundle products.

During the development I have not considered the possibility of this terribly bug, i had taken for granted that everything worked normally.

Now : i have tested with simple product and the search by price and layered navigation is ok, but we can fix this for bundle products?

Now i’m running in a 1.1.6 enviroment, but i’ve tested with a fresh clean new copy (1.1.8) and the bug is “alive”.

i hope that someone can enlighten us. Thanks.

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