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Extra customer attributes / custom shipping
Wilson Sheldon
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Joined:  2008-06-07

Hi everyone,

Here’s my issue, would love any advice you might have.

My client has a few products that are ‘rentals’ and for these products only, he needs to take the customer’s social security and place of work for credit purposes.

Finally, he needs flat fee shipping for only these items.

Has anyone had a similar requirement in the past?

I’ve been reading the forum heavily to solve these issues and have found the ‘custom registration attributes’ posts.  However, I can’t help but think this should be some sort of separate logic so that I can continue to upgrade Magento.

For example, the shopping cart rules seem very close to being able to do this.  I can pinpoint the rental products with this attribute set ‘rentals’.  Would it be better to extend the shopping cart rules perhaps to trigger separate shipping and billing information templates?

Thanks very much in advance for your thoughts and advice.


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