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What are you doing for customize your Magento shop? 
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It is obvious that Magento community edition provides small and medium-sized retailers with full basic features. However, in the increasingly competitive websites, it’s really a pity if you miss basic ways to enhance your competitive advantages as well as push your sales.

Let’s start a discussion and initiate basic and advanced ways to optimize your website. I can start this topic by sharing my experience.

Optimize your website functionality

- With your customer purchase process:

The limited point of the community function is that shopping cart cannot be automatically updated once your customer purchase one item. This means the more items your customers purchase, the more issues and inconvenience they encounter if your website include variety of product categories.

Ex: I using this demo site for make you know how inconveniences your customer will get when buy 2 or more products:
Demo site
This demo site includes 3 product categories: Furniture, electronics and apparel. If your customer wants to buy (or add to wish-list/ compare product) a cell phone and a digital cameras, their purchasing process is:
finding a cell phone that they needed at Cell phone page --> add a cell phone to cart--> shopping cart -->go to digital cameras page to find cameras --> add a cameras to cart---> shopping cart ---> checkout…
The problem is your customer will be referred to shopping cart page each time they purchase/ compare or add a product to wish-list. It’s too inconvenient for your customer, causing negative effects on your sales, as a result.
My solution is using Ajax to optimize purchase process
Ajax will help remove all unnecessary page reloads and redirecting when customers compare products, add product to cart, or wish-list.
You can see the benefits of using Ajax at this demo site:
It can be seen that at this site after using Ajax, your customer will easy purchase/ add to wish-list or compare a product.
Combine ajxt cart with easy cart (like this extension) will make your website become more simple and effective than ever.
I always waiting for your comment and sharing experience in this topic… smile

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