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Hi Folks

I have very strange issues on my magento 1.6 multistore

1. I dont know why the font of home page product has changed ??? but the font of other categories are fine! for instance if you go the home page of the website (any store) there is a font which is not the same as product category or even product page is!
I have even changed the theme to magento’s default theme but I still have the same issue!

font of the homepage of this store is not the same
with the same store product page

2. this one is very wired
I have 4 stores in my magento and all of the are working just fine ... after a while I have decided to give unique URL to the forth store like “” but when change the URL in “configuration/web/unsecure & secure” and point the browser to my admin panel it redirects me to “” the forth store and there is no way to get into admin panel!!! by the way I could solve it by going to myphpadmin and changing the value in the core_config database to as it was before!

I want to give the forth store a unique url as I did for the rest of store but it ain’t working this way…
Please help me

3.why the homepage layout is different in 2 different stores (I am using exactly same settings for both)

as you can see the layout is unorganized… and is not the same as the first store is… please help

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