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search in a bundled product? 
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Joined:  2008-01-27


i’ve got a usability problem with magento. i need to reduce the visible products of a bundled product. We have around 500 selecteable drapery (thanks magento, they brought “bundles” into it). The Setup works fine, but is to much for the customer.

So, iam searching for a solution which should be as simple as possible.
I thought about this:
if i can insert the searchfield into the bundled product, and abuse it to do not use the list template and simply just use the “view” template the user could finde everthing in a nice and smooth way (search needed to be a bit reduced, but it wouldnt break the logic of magento).

Sry, for my bad description, but its hard to descripe.

So, if anyone can think of a smart solution (editing layout.xml or something like that), it would be awesome if you can post it here.

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