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In-Store Pickup Only (Not accept Payment)
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Hey everyone,

Im new to magento and i was hoping i could get some guidance. This is also my first e-commerce client and ive read that magento is the most robust e-commerce platform out there so im really excited to give this a try.

Basically the customer wants customers his customers to be able to place an order online for pickup and pickup only. He doesnt want them to be able to pay for it. Rather he wants the order to be placed and an invoice sent to someone so they can prepare it.

On top of that he wants a manageable inventory system that would be shown live on the front end of the site as well so customers can see how much of each product are available. Also im sure he will want different selectable quantities because he is a bulk retailer. For example

1-10 units: $5 per
11 - 20 units: $4 per
21 - 30 units: $3 per

So just looking for some suggestions from some of you who might have experience with this kind of situation before and i would really appreciate some guidance. Thanks in advance!

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Shipping: enable the flat rate only, and rename it to “In store pickup”.  Admin > System > Configuration > Shipping Methods.
Payment. enable “Check/Money Order” only and rename it to, say “Cache”. Admin > System > Configuration > Payment Methods
Stock: each product has a stock level, pretty straightforward.
Different selectable quantities: each product has tier pices, feel free to use that feature.

Hope it helps.

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