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Problems with this Forum itself
Jr. Member
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Hi Team,
I’m hoping that you can do something about the two most frustrating issues with using this forum:-

1. Gooooooooooooooooooooooogle !
I’ve spent aeons searching for answers to pressing problems; Pulling my hair out; Banging my head on the desk; BUT MOSTLY WAITING..............................................., Waiting some more..................................., make a cup of tea, wait some more..........................
For the Google Analytics link to complete so I can see the page.

Sure, Google Analytics may be Great, Useful, or plain necessary for you.
But recording the page hits for popularity analysis etc. DOESN’T WARRANT UP TO TWO MINUTES DELAY PER PAGE.

Please, Please, Please - Can you add a time-out so that if google’s busy with two trillion other requests, we don’t die of old age - never having got a Magento site into production ?


2. Visited Link Colour.
Spending so much time in the forum pages is quite substantially due to re-reading the threads you’ve already been to - both from the same list - when you fail to note which list number you’ve just been to (and returned to the top of the list page), and from other list entries pointing to the same thread ( and indeed from other threads cross-referencing back to the ones you started with).
So, (again Please, Please), can we have the CSS updated so the visited links show up in a different colour ????

Regards & thanks to all the paid & voluntary workers who have done so much , so far.

Darn it, If it was rubbish I’d have given up long ago and saved months and lots of pain.  But I know it’s brilliant.... If I could only get through it before the grim reaper arrives.

Nigel Sheppard (Genisys)

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I’ll second that, although I don’t think I’ve had any issues with Google Analytics holding things up.
What I’ve seen is there are so many links to the same page that the browser doesn’t recognize that it’s the same link.
And there is a memory leak or something in this forum software. After being here awhile or opening a lot of pages at once, everything is much slower. I don’t have this problem on other forums where I do the same thing.

Oh, and why is it so difficult to see your own list of posts?
And the link to your bookmarks is only visible if you are reading a thread? 
And the Latest Posts has a timeout of some sort that I can’t get through all of it but it decides there are No Results.
And if you bookmark a search it has the session ID, so it’s no good when you use it. 
And the Search button is javascript so it does not respond to my control key to open it in a new tab. 
And there is a button for Mark All Post As Read, but no way to see which posts I’ve read.-----> Actually, I just discovered that the icon on the left of the title indicates whether there are New Posts or No New Posts. I assume this is Read and Unread. But the icons are so similar that it’s useless and I never noticed them before now (been here for 4 months).

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