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Cant Login to Magento Connect
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-19

Magento Connect won’t accept ANY valid Username & Password combinations.

Consequently, I can’t get in to add any extensions or upgrade.

This is on just one of a number of test sites.  The Magento Connect login screen on the others allows us in, and this one used to.
The version of this one is 1.1.3.

On attempting to log in with any of the (valid) names, the login fields get cleared, the ‘Return to Magento Administration’ link disappears,
and the URL has changed to ‘http://mydomain/magento/downloader/index.php?A=pearPackages&loggedin;’,
and there the page sits, not letting anyone in.

Does anyone have any answers
Does anyone else have this problem

(The problem with searching the Forum on this subject is that however you word the query, you get all the posts about pearl errors and file permission issues - which are not relevant when you can’t even get in.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help… I’m seriously looking forward to tour response !

Nigel Sheppard (Genisys)

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