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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if the community wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes providing honest feedback of my site?

I set it up a year ago, and it has this past week found pg1 rankings, however the conversion rate is quite low at the moment, around 0.3 - 0.5% SEO is my thing, so I know I have targeted the right traffic and keywords, but ecommerce is a newer area to me (old sites were service type sites, all converted very well). The above conversion rate is also worked out on approx 5k recent visitors.

The link for the site is here (shortened URL).

If you have a few spare minutes, I would really appreciate someone taking a quick browse of the site, and perhaps if they can, going through the stages of checkout (only 2 pages - add to cart, and one page), to see if there is anything putting people off buying.

I welcome any open critiscism, and thank you in advance for your time.


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I did a post yesterday, But this forum does seem to crash a lot when posting

couple of points

1. Turn on the javscrip compression. This will show up any bugs in the JS and also improve speed
2. Homepage text at the bottom feels disconnected from rest of the page. Like its been slapped on fro SEO
3. Turn of url rewrites
4. Your Top Nav menu when moving towards the right exetend off the page. I would suggest the menu should always sit within site boundaries.
5. You have a fat error on this page.
6. The icons on the product page like money back etc… are too close together. Add some padding top/bottom


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