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Import/export script main principles, recommendations. Where to find? 
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Joined:  2011-02-23

Currently I am writing import script and I have several question connected with import-export.

Well Is there any list of “good-practice” for import module. Because currently It takes 30 seconds to save 2 configurables, 10 simples, 10 options, and assign them to 2 categories.

I’v used Amartinez’s script, and for me it was like magic. 200 product’s import in no time. Whow. But what is the best practice for import script?
Save products at runtime or make some bulk save? How to load models? With collections or with directly models for updates? If we import configurables with options what then?

Well magento api is quite clear,but nevertheless is quite slow.

Direct(SQL) import isn’t a better option? Well I’m sure its faster but what about security and Magento upgrades?

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