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Type of e-commerce store - suggestions please
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I have to build an e-store for a client, and was debating using Opencart. I have to integrate two approaches to sales, and assume that both are implementable in Opencart. But if anyone has tried them, I would appreciate your thoughts, also if another open source package is more suitable in my case:

1. Affiliate marketing - stores advertise on my web site. Once a user clicks \"buy\", they are actually redirected to the website of the advertiser, were the purchase takes place. A cookie window remains open for 30 days, and my client gets a percentual on all sales in this time.
2. Stores have a profile/space on my website, where they can add and sell products. When a purchase is made, the sale actually takes place on my website, my percentual is taken with the remainder going to the advertising store. Anyone know the best way to implement this?

Thoughts and suggestions please.

Many thanks.

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