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Creating new dynamic pages
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I want to create a new module for Magento, but I don’t get the way to do it.

Here is what I want to do :
- Saving stores adresses in database (and if it is possible, adding a section in the backend),
- Creating a page with the list of theses stores in the frontend,
- Showing details of the store in another page (or the same, whatever) in the frontend,

In the future, i would like thoses stores to be able to be choose as a delivery method.

The question is :
- For the database table, do i have to create an entity table and it’s attribute’s table, as ‘costumers’ table or can i build it as i want (only one table) ?
- How do I have to proceed to create this kind of page (showing stores), which object should be used (as parent or else) ?
- Do I have to create an object for theses stores ?
- Can i set constants in my /app/code/local/NewModule/etc/config.xml file ? in which section ?

I alread created the module folder in /app/code/local/NewModule, with a config file.


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