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Custom Attributes options bug
Ron Phillips
Total Posts:  57
Joined:  2008-04-16

I’m sure I’ve inquired about this before, and hoped maybe it was something that would be fixed with revisions, but several revisions later we are still having problems with our custom attribute options losing there values in the admin upon update.

We have a custom attribute called Writer and this attribute has many options close to somewhere in the 100 range. We went in and entered them all in. Afterward we discovered some where out of order so we started to apply numeric weights to them. Upon saving, several would lose the numeric weight, defaulting to 0, and lose their catalog name. I’ve always kind of questioned why there needs to be two names for an attribute option, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway, this is an issue that has been around since 1.0 and I would hope someone has either figured out a fix or patch or a work around. It’s annoying to say the least. I think it stems from the ajax routine and the amount of variables we are dealing with. But the list by necessity has to be this large, and will in fact grow large.

Anyone else having this kind of issue with attribute options?

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