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Custom Products - Option prices based on dimensions
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Hi guys,

We are looking at using magento for our online case store. We munfacture standard lines and custom cases…

The standard lines are easy - Its the custom cases that are difficult.

Essentially we need a product page for example a standard packing case - essentially a timber box…

The customer once on the product page inputs the internal dimensions that they require - so for example 40cm x 60cmx 20cm.

This then gives you a basic price.

They customer can then select color (no additional cost - easy), Wheels (different types of wheels, different fixed costs - easy).

the difficulty arrises with options where the price will vary depending on the dimensions that they have entered above.

For example if they would like to add foam lining to their box, the price of the lining will depend entirely on the dimensions they have entered.

I have attached a basic flowchart to this post to give you a better idea.

Is there any way to do this in Magento? I imagine some kind of calculator in the page would be needed to allign their dimenions with the price of foam lining…

Please let me know if this sort of thing is possible. Thanks heaps!

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