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Customer Order/Invoice Email within a Group cc’ed to a account manager
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Most of the ordering through my store is going to be group based.  Within an organization ordering through us there will be several people buying, but there is a lead buyer who needs to be notified of all the transactions with our store.  Also, ideally they would be able to have access to all the transactions for all the customers in the system as well.  So what I’m wondering here is what the best way of sending these emails to the lead buyer would be.  Here are the options I can come up with.

1.  Develop a custom hack that would forward all transactions from “” to that organizations lead buyer.

2.  Have a seperate store for each organization as I will need to do custom pricing for each organization.  I could configure the emails to be cc’ed to the lead buyer as well as give them a very restricted access to the admin to view the user list as well as all the transactions.  It’s not entirely clear to me if I can do this in a restricted enough way where they can’t effect our business operations.

3.  I could setup an email filter that would automatically forward those email with a given expression to the lead buyer.  Probably the easiest solution.

TIA for any input or ideas.

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Are you looking to have multiple log-ins for a single account? We have customers who have multiple buyers and could use a feature like this. It sounds like this is part of what you need too. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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