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Image Uploads - Not flash, Not ini, Uploaded but not saved
Joey Adams
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-12-14

I traced down the problem. If you are having this issue and have ZendPlatform, Make sure to change ‘zend_monitor.max_var_len’ in the ZendMonitor section of php configuration. Change this value to a higher one, or ‘0’ , and everything will work.

I also am having the bug of images not being saved. I figured I would post anyway, in hopes someone has a similar issue.

I can upload the image fine, it shows up and I can select the radio buttons. Whenever I save or save and continue editing, the image is lost. I checked the media folder, and the images are in the temp folder but nowhere else.

- All media dirs/files are 777
- magic quotes is off, short tags is on, are loaded
- Flash = 10 , however I think if this were a flash issue I would not be getting as far as I am. when I downgraded to 9 it tells me I need to upgrade.
- I tried commenting out the code suggested in other threads.

I saw someone else was having an issue with Zend Core/Platform, which my server is running a top of , but that person never posted a resolution,

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