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Shipping Method resets Custom Price and vice versa
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Frederiksberg C, Denmark

My goal is to create an online shop without prices. I want the customer to request a product (which is created in the catalog, but without a certain price) and when I’ve processed the order I decide a final price, which the customer whether accept or decline.

It’s because I won’t have anything in stock. I buy from a retailer and sell it to the customer. Therefore I won’t be able to set a specific price…

When a customer add a product (price: $0.00) I can edit the order from the backend, set a price and add it to the customer’s shopping cart.

My problem is whenever I set a price and press the “Update Items and Qty’s” it resets the Shipping Method. When I set a Shipping Method it resets the Price. The system won’t let me submit an order…

Anybody who has a clue on how to get this to work? I’m lost, I’m cursing and smashing my head against the wall…

- Volzy

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