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How to get the product url for a specific category? 
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Joined:  2008-04-17

I am customizing catalog/product/list.phtml to add a lightbox instead of going to the product page.

So I have used css to strip the page template away if the product is loaded from the “lightbox” category.

So now all I need to do is get the url to the product in the lightbox category instead of the one in the current list category. ie. that would be $_product->getProductUrl()

So say my product url key is “abc123”, then I want “” returned.

In the API I can see that there is a function that maybe I should be calling.. $_product->getUrlPath($category)
But how do I get the $category object to be the “Default Category/Lightbox” category?

Also am I on the right track with the getUrlPath function? If I could just get the url key from the $_product I think it would be much better on performance (ie. no database, no object instantiation, etc..) and I will just hard code the url.

Help, I am a so close it is not funny! tongue laugh (just my PHP newbie status is holding me back)

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