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Suitable for small UK store? 
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Hi there

I’m in the process of planning a small UK store which - initially - will have only one stock item which will ship all over the world. I’ve narrowed my options to either Magento or a completely bespoke system.

Magento appeals because of the tax and shipping control - which would be very time consuming to re-create. However, I’m put off by the similar level of complexity everywhere else.

Question 1:
The user guide suggests shipping cost can be based on your zip/post code. I’ve often found features such as this are US only. Does Magento have the facility to work with UK postcodes? Would I need a web service or separate plugin developed to calculate distances etc? Basically - how does this thing work!?

Question 2:
I’m concerned that it will be a challenge to customise the appearance of the shop to work with a single product. Am I likely to be constantly fighting the software’s desire to display lists and categories and searches? Is it possible to make the front end *really* simple? We’re talking just a home page and any “your account” pages.

All opinions welcome. Many thanks in advance.


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zip/post code is also for the UK, its work fine with my store and that is based in the UK, I have tested it with loads of postcodes and with other countries and it all seems fine, If I was you I would use the royal mail module for the shipping fees.

As for your second question, if you have only a basic knowledge of programming then you will need to get a programmer, but then you did say you was thinking about a bespoke system and that would have cost a bit anyway.

Good luck

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As mentioned the UK post options are well covered with the Royal Mail Module.

Regarding making the ‘cart work with one product, that has been done in the past. You will find it relatively easy to turn off the navigation bar so as to show just the content on your homepage. Getting that to be a product page will require copying the code for the product page into the home page.

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