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Ordering over multiple steps
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Frederiksberg C, Denmark

I was hoping to setup Magento to allow multi-step ordering.

The store I’m setting up doesn’t offer finished products, but instead offers customers products with features that they can request. The owner then packages an offer and sends it to the customer in question, who can THEN choose to buy it or not. Each customized offer is available to the specific customer only. The store is for a travel agency.

- Customer looks up a trip to Jamaica (no pricetags)
- Customer fills in details about # of people on the trip and extra features wanted (spa, daily tours, etc) (no pricetags)
- Customer sends his “order”
- The owner reviews the order, gathers information and sends back an offer with a price for the specific offer
- Customer then decides whether to buy or not.
Buy: Customer pays through the system and the order is complete.
Reject: Customer does not want the trip and the order ends here and the specific offer is deleted (or simply unavailable for further uses)

Is this possible within Magento or would I be better off doing a customized solution from scratch?

Thank you in advance.

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