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Can Magento create and show Master/Slave products, simply? 
Marcel Mueller
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Joined:  2008-11-24

Hello, i’m testing Magento for 2 weeks and i’m wondering because i don’t find a possibilty to create a correct master/slave relation for clothing/shoes.

The Situation: i’ve got a store with clothing like t-shirts. every product is available in different COLORS and SIZES, so the solution normally is a configurable product. the way to create this isn’t difficult with the nice quick import function to assign simple product variants to a configurable product. ok, a problem are the different pictures, there is no possibility to vary them for every simple product of a configurable product so this means more work while creating new products.

but there is another problem: i want that every different colored product is showed in the store and category where the configurable product is. and i so i don’t want that the configurable product is shown. so for my wish, to vary color and size but show the color variants on catalog, the configurable product seems to be the wrong choice.

about thinking about it, i test to create one configurable product vary in color which has other configurable products who vary in sizes, but it doesn’t work because a configurable product can only create/have simple products. i test this because i need the possibility of a product group, something like a folder for similiar products. for better understanding, I created a quick diagram which is attached

I hope someone can help me with this “basic”!

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