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Only Canada shows up in country list for customer when updating their address
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We have set up a base install of Magento and are in the process of adding our products, templates, some customers, etc.  I notice a problem and need to understand if it was something I caused or not.  I haven’t done anything to cause this that I know.

I imported some customers, most of which reside in the United States.  I log into the admin section and edit a random customer who resides within the US.  Their address looks fine.  An address will have the proper state and country selected from the drop-down lists.

When I log in as a customer, to view the customer account feature, the customer has the ability to change their address.  I see the proper city in the city field.  The state is correct, but in a free-form text field and the country field is blank.  The country field is a drop-down, but the only options are blank and Canada.  When I choose Canada, the state field dynamically changes to the provinces of Canada, as expected.

Is there something we did during installation that caused the customer-facing country drop-down list to contain only Canada?


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