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How to achieve : one layout directory (app/design folder) and multiple skins (skin/frontend/ folder)
Jacques Jocelyn
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-08-16

Hi everyone,

I have successfully implemented Magento with my customized theme (the same as the default theme, except that I had changed entirely the CSS)

I have my theme installed in app/design/frontend/MY_THEME/default/
my skin is located skin/frontend/MY_THEME/default

now, I have created additionals skins (just a slight CSS update to alter the background color, the search button and a few other colors) located in


What I’d like is to be able to change JUST the skin from time to time without changing the layout, that is app/design/frontend/MY_THEME/default/
Would you know how I can achieve this without duplicating layout files for each skin ?
Thank you

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