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Problem of running my first program using magento api
Mohammad Akram Ali
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2008-12-03


I am new in magento and try to import categories using magento api but could not run my first program. Can some one help me to run my first program. I am very thankful to him. The problem in line one, I think i could not add the soap client correctly. Please Help me!

my site address is:

here is the code:


$client = new SoapClient('');

// If soap isn't default use this link instead

// http://youmagentohost/api/soap/?wsdl

// If somestuff requires api authentification,

// we should get session token

$session = $client->login('apiUser', 'apiKey');

$result = $client->call($session, 'somestuff.method');

$result = $client->call($session, 'somestuff.method', 'arg1');

$result = $client->call($session, 'somestuff.method', array('arg1', 'arg2', 'arg3'));

$result = $client->multiCall($session, array(


array('somestuff.method', 'arg1'),

array('somestuff.method', array('arg1', 'arg2'))


function getSomeRandomCategory(&$categories, $targetLevel, $currentLevel = 0) {

if (count($categories)==0) {

return false;


if ($targetLevel == $currentLevel) {

return $categories[rand(0, count($categories)-1)];

} else {

return getSomeRandomCategory($categories[rand(0, count($categories)-1)]['children'], $targetLevel + 1);



$proxy = new SoapClient('http://magentohost/api/soap/?wsdl');

$sessionId = $proxy->login('apiUser', 'apiKey');

$allCategories = $proxy->call($sessionId, 'category.tree'); // Get all categories.

// select random category from tree

while (($selectedCategory = getSomeRandomCategory($allCategories, 3)) === false) {}

// create new category

$newCategoryId = $proxy->call(





array('name'=>'New Category Through Soap')



$newData = array('is_active'=>1);

// update created category on German store view

$proxy->call($sessionId, 'category.update', array($newCategoryId, $newData, 'german'));

$firstLevel = $proxy->call($sessionId, 'category.level', array(null, 'german', $selectedCategory['category_id']));


// If you wish remove category, uncomment next line

//$proxy->call($sessionId, 'category.remove', $newCategoryId);


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