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Search storing results multiple times
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Joined:  2008-10-21
Northport Long Island New York

My issue is that certain search results are being stored multiple times causing them to show up more than once in the suggested search terms (search auto complete). The images below will help demonstrate the issue, where the image on the left is the admin back-end (catalog->search) and the image on the right is my suggested search terms drop down box.

If it helps, I’m using hyteckit’s enhanced search, although I’m not sure if thats the issue.  If anyone could help or point me in the direction of code I could modify to fix this, perhaps a way to set duplicate search terms to not show in suggested terms, or not get added at all, that would be appreciated.

I’d like to add that one search is not storing the results multiple times, however searching the same result two or three times and it keeps adding the result to the back-end.

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