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I could do with that! Is there a Wordpress them to download? 3
Don’t know what you are on about, mate. Sorry. 6
Hideous idea. The most clumsy mashup ever. So wrong. 10
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Integrating Wordpress, Google Maps and Gallery2
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If you want news and a dealer locator on your site then try this:

1) Get a Google Map key.
2) Install Gallery2
3) Install the Google Maps plugin for Gallery2. This shows Google Maps embedded in a Gallery2 page. Add entries for your dealers into a gallery album entering the postcodes to get the map-pins setup.
4) Install Wordpress
5) Install the WPG2 plugin for Wordpress. This shows Google Maps embedded in a Gallery2 page, embedded in a Wordpress page.
6) Spend ages downloading Wordpress themes that are widget ready and suitable for ecommerce.
7) Spend ages downloading Gallery2 themes that look good and still work when viewed in Gallery2. ‘Siriux’ worked for me.
8) Now open your hopefully already themed Magento store. Open ‘Firebug’ and inspect the header. Open the files and put a couple of extra links in for the news blog and the google maps page - call that one ‘dealer locator’.
9) If the links from Magento take you to the blog/blog-with-gallery-page-showing-map then you now need to get back. Inspect the Magento header with Firebug and Cut and paste the code between the big header tags into your Wordpress header, remembering to @import the Magento stylesheets and javascript.

Your blog should now have exactly the same header as your Magento store, complete with search box, account links and the top menu buttons. The link to the news page can be <site>/news if you installed wordpress into the folder root/news. The gallery should be in a similar logical location - install into /images if you want. All URL’s should then be as neat as the Magento ones, working seamlessly.

Seamlessly? Google Maps embedded in Gallery2, embedded into Wordpress, Embedded into Magento? Yep, once the CSS has been fettled, images tweaked and blog/gallery pimped how you want them. The no-shared login is no big deal, as you probably want staff rather than the public to login to these areas. Those staff might not be the same staff that need access to the Magento admin, so the no shared login is a security bonus.

I might try to take the RSS feed from the blog and pop it into a side column on Magento. In that way the news would be on the front page, e.g. top five stories.

If anyone has tried putting an RSS feed on the front of their Magento store then please post your experiences here. Also, if anyone knows how to call Magento modules, e.g. to build the header menu, from Wordpress, then that would also be most ‘topical’.

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Did you have any luck in displaying an RSS feed (from WP for example) within Magento?

- D

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More info on this thread

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