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Calendar booking addon. 
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OK..your software is very detailed and will likely be the most conclusive shopping cart system I have used. But I have a specific need for a client that I hope can be implemented with an addon package.

OK the client is having me redesign his site and implement a rather autonomous booking system for his children’s party center. Basically how he wants it to work is as follows:

- Client goes to website to book a party time slot.
- Client then chooses one of a few basic party package (eg: 10 kids, 2 adults for two hours)
- Then client adds addons to the basic package (eg: birthday cake, food choices, lootbag choices)
- Each addon has numerous options (eg: birthday cake size, birthday cake flavor, birthday cake design etc)
- Once all options are chosen by the client then he/she will be directed to the payment gateway where the party is paid for.
- Once the payment gateway is able to confirm that payment went through successfully then the client would be directed to the “booking system”

The “Booking System” is what I am looking for. This system should be able to integrate with the Magento system and offer the following:

- Allow the client to choose the date and OPEN time slot based on their party’s size (number of people) and length of party (eg: 2 hours)
- To ensure privacy; client should only see available time slots and not previously booked slots.
- The booking system should allow the Admin to enter the admin area and view the calender by day, week or month and see all the details of any booking as well as the ability to print out daily bookings and/or weekly/monthly booking schedule.

Now my client has offered me a reasonable budget to achieve what he wants. My question is....does this addon even exist and if not; then what suggestions do you have to accomplish what is required?

NOTE: I am a web designer not a developer. I have a back-end programmer to do some of my SQL stuff but besides that I am no skills end with (x)html, css, some JavaScript and the ability to alter almost any other web code with detailed

I do have a budget for someone to build the component.

One more thing....should be PHP and mySQL.

Thanks you all in advance for your assistance.

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Please check the following booking and reservation extension, that includes online booking system, staff management and many more features…

FME Extension for Online Booking

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