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Multiple related stores for afiliates and ability to recommend products
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We are looking for an ecommerce solution which needs a couple of specific features. Could you let me know if Magento is capable of these or if it can be customised to accomodate these.

1. The Online Store is for a business that sells products to the public through beauty clinics. They want to set up the Store so that each clinic has their own store (using standard template but with their name and logo on the pages) within the site. The customer for the clinic will be given a specific link to log into the store for their clinic and once logged in they will see a product list that could be limited for some clinics which don’t sell all the products.

While these mini-stores have their own features they still need to run from the main store database and all purchases for a clinic need to be tracked against that clinic as they act as affiliates/agents for the Main Store.

I’m not sure if this quite fits in with the multiple store system provided by Magento.

2. The clinics want the ability to suggest (prescribe) products for their customers. In effect this is like setting up a list of recommended products for each customer (like a wish list but created by the clinic for the customer). They then want to be able to track when a customer has purchased the recommended product and for both the clinic and the customer to be able to see a history of recommendations.

Is this possible in any way? Send to a friend may allow this, though it wuld have to be restricted to certain users, ie only the clinics could send, and they can only do it for their own users.



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