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Easy way to import lots of category and subcategory hierarchies? 
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I’ve looked through some posts on the forum and I’m coming up empty.  We’re trying to configure our store and the problem is that we aren’t able to easily import all of our categories.  We sell approx 35,000 items and there are close to 1,000 categories and subcategories at various levels (some go as deep as 6 levels, some are 3 levels, and a few are somewhere in between). 

There are 4 top-level categories, so those were easy enough to add manually, but some category levels have over 600 entries.  I’ve seen some tools but none of them seem to be what we’re looking for.

Is there any relatively easy way to import these into Magento? 

While on this subject, is there an easy way to assign products?  As I said there are over 35,000 products that can belong to various categories (more than one if you go down the hierarchy), and once we get the categories loaded I’m not sure how to bulk assign products to the various categories.  For example:

Office Supplies -> File Folders, Portable & Storage Box Files -> Folders -> Top Tab & End Tab Folders -> File Folders -> Top Tab File Folders -> <SKU> for 301 products.

Should we re-evaluate our data model and not have the categories this deep to make it easier to maintain?

Please give assistance because this is wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get our data into Magento without having to do it all manually.

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The API method:

The API seems double-plus hard but it is easy to get a move on with it once you have a simple script that logs you in and retrieves data.

You can create more attributes to keep the category count down, so it can work out better for the customer and data entry if you have attributes for gender, manufacturer and such differentiators where an extra category could be tempting. The only gotcha is too many products in a category, if a top level category takes ten seconds to page load then that is not good.

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