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Magento vs M3 lawson e-sales
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Hi everybody,

I’m working on a project, but i need to demonstrate why magento is better than the module e-sales for M3 Lawson.  It’s very to find information for Magento, but for the other… Somebody worked with this module ?

Can you explain me the advantages of a Magento and of a e-sales M3 Lawson ?


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I\’m assuming you\’re using Lawson M3 as your ERP for your business?

I\’m a Web Developer Specialist employed to provide the e-Commerce solution for our business which uses Lawson M3.

After a presentation of the e-Sales system, this is part of the pros/cons report I wrote:

• Can be up and running in a very short time – pending availability of e-Sales Rep to install server, set up and configure - mainly as the primary installation document regular contradicts itself in method. Apparently even their staff need to re-install the server 3+ times in order to get it functional, all at a nice toasty rate - expect to outlay $40,000 for a system we\’ve already a license for
• Styling changes can be applied to personify this system in CSS 1 and partial CSS 2
• Mostly an extension of M3 operations
• Can take .XLS (spread sheet) or CSV file input of orders – (CON: then supplies a XML return – most folks have no idea what to do with an XML file; also, why a completely different format? Yes, can be converted relatively easily by us into the full spread of formats)

• Written in HTML 4 “loose” DOCTYPE which was established in 2003 as the most relaxed of all web standards created – main issue is smart device general incompatibility (iPhones, Tablets etc). Even loaded heavily with IE hacks and tweaks, the presentation site still presented display errors (box model and absolute bug)
• Needs serious amounts of User Experience work to make user friendly – default icons and layout confused ½ of whom presented to, through misleading choice of colours, icons, text and layout
• “Sealed” solution – will have to pay for features to be integrated into this system, else create parallel systems or other interesting coding (ie JavaScript Framework OOP data gathering coding, and page injection etc) to get close to the versatility we want
• Stock level notifications at point of input can be on data that is up to an hour old. Otherwise you’re backtracking from point of completion in order to get valid up to date information
• eSales Rep gave “fluffy” answers to several of my key questions regarding the system. Most were to do with the as of yet unseen latest version of the software.  Live current user\’s site was an example of the “old” system, while the presentation was of the penultimate version - released a year ago. Basically there was no assurance that we’re not getting the same old JavaScript files and HTML standard that the previous versions are using. Thus, I’m expecting it to be also in HTML 4.01 Loose with the vanilla JavaScript stack filled with IE hacks and primitive techniques.

So far I\’ve conversed with 7 companies using Magento to operate the e-Commerce element of their business using similar SKU #\’s as we have and some were using 10x the product volume and comfotably happy with the administration, management and use.

e-Sales is slow and clunky using heavily out-dated code. Only consider it if:
• last resort
• no in-house web developer, and have someone who can create a stylesheet to match your business
• using M3 as your ERP and need a very quick fix for an e-Com solution

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LeanSwift is a Magento Industry partner with 20+ years of Lawson Movex and Infor M3 experience.
Our Magento ERP Connector provide seamless integration between Magento and Lawson Movex and Infor M3.

The integration include products, customers, prices, orders, order history, invoice history etc. The integration further include a sales rep function where M3 sales reps can use Magento as an order entry application to enter orders for their customers. As a customer you will use price/discounts from M3 interactively (when logged in) fetched via M3 API’s.

We have also integrated the infor document archive (DAF) based on IBM Content manager so the customers can view and download PDF copies of invoices. Magento include all orders and invoices from M3, regardless if they were entered via Magento or in any other way (OIS100, Edi, etc.) into Infor M3.

In customer specific implementations we’ve also included US sales tax calculation via M3 (to make sure the invoice matches the Magento order), delivery methods depending on customer and product types in M3 (if the shopping cart include products to large for UPS then this will not be displayed as a valid delivery methdo), UPS price requests during checkout in Magento etc.

Please contact us at to find out more about seamless ERP integrations with Magento.

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