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This might be a tricky one
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I’m in talks with an exisiting ecommerce site. Where I will sell his products through my site. He will receive payments and orders direct from my store. And I will only take x% of the turnover I create for him/her.

However, the issue I have. Is that I need to sync my store with his existing store (Magento).

1. Option: Full integrations, so when an update happens in his store it is reflected in mine.

2. Option: Load all products to store once, then update with a script once a week.

3. Option: Load all products from an Excel sheet, and update the store manually.

So far I’ve done all the work on my ecommerce site myself. However I have a feeling that doing option 1 is going to need an investment in a 3rd party programmer.

My first question is:

- Is it hard to make a script that will update product storage levels? based on products id?
- What is a fair % to ask of the turnover for such a service? Products are vitamins etc and sells for about £20-30. I was hoping for 8-10% depending on the margin the other company have. (all costs of inventory, shipping, payments etc will be taken by the other guy).  I will in theory only do an extended marketing job.

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