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Help on setting up oil paintings in product catalog
Tom Gurney
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Shanghai, China


Am a new newbie in here, and the rest of my shop is fine - everything seems clear. But even after going through the user guides i can still not work out how to correctly set up products for my shop in the following way. (This is due to my stupidity, i think, not any short coming of the software!) Please speak to me in basic terms, haha.

If anyone has 5 mins i would greatily appreciate that!

I want to set up each painting to have a choice of preset sizes set by me, with a different price for each. They can then choose a type of frame, or select “no frame”.

Total cost calculated accordingly.

Postage will also be influenced by choice of whether frame or not and size of painting.

For each painting type e.g. MonaLisa - the settings and prices above with all be the same.


Please select size [ dropdown ]
Frame?  [ no frame / type of frame dropdown ]
Total cost
Updated shipping

Thanks for any help or pointers!!


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The pictures are configurable products with a differrent simple product for each size of picture.

Also on the configurable product pages are custom product options. These are for the frame.

That is one way. You may have better results with ‘bundled’ products. See the computer configurator in the demo store.

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