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Callback URL
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Can anybody please help me, I need to set a callback URL for my store with VCS.
But have no idea as to where in the scripting to add this or how to do it?

Merchants can create an additional web page for receiving notification of ALL transactions processed named a call-back page.
In addition to the normal response, to the web merchant’s approved and declined URLs, VCS will also call the merchant’s call-back page with the authorisation response in a non-browser dependant way.
This means that even if the customer closes the browser early or something goes wrong on the customer side VCS will still notify the merchant of the result of the transaction.

The merchant’s call-back page can then do database updates, send confirmation emails etc. irrespective of whether the customer’s browser session ended prematurely or not.

VCS will continue to attempt to deliver the call-back response until the merchant system successfully accepts the response and returns the call-back response.

The merchant must return the string “<CallBackResponse>Accepted</CallBackResponse>” to VCS when we invoke the call-back URL.
If we do not receive this response we will continue to send the data to the call-back URL until we do.

Please note that the call-back page will be invoked after EVERY authorization that includes manual transactions captured via Virtual Terminal, batch processing and recurring transactions.

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