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Some key things I noticed with the Latest version of Magento
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Joined:  2007-08-31
Huntsville, AL

It seems for webhosts that are running mod_PHP i noticed the following:

if you try to install magento as a root directory (, you keep getting .tmp.htaccess not writeable error during Pear-beta install.
this is even after you chowned the root directory group to apache.

however, this problem is fixed if you install magento on a separate directory (

also, during the installation page of database settings, if you already have mod_rewrite enabled, but you enable the checkbox to “disable apache mod_rewrite\”, and then you realize, wait i do HAVE mod_rewrite, and you hit back, and uncheck “disable apache mod_rewrite\”, and then finish the installation, then what happens is, css breaks. i had to do a clean fresh install all over again, this time, with no mistakes on checking ‘disable mod_rewrite’ checkbutton.

also, i wish that disabling open_basedir is not the only solution for /usr/local/etc/pear.conf error.

chowning the folder to apache writeable and disabling open_basedir seems like a real bad combination.

i hope this helps some one.

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