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Payment Gateway page in a iframe
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Joined:  2011-05-17

Hi, i managed to integrate a 3rd party paymentgateway into magento. After clicking on the place order button in checkout page, the user is redirected to the payment gateway page on a form submit and depending on the success or failure response the user is redirected back to the site. Now i want to display the payment gateway in a iframe. I tried to something like this, but its not working. Could some one guide me as to how i get this working?

Here is my Redirect.php block which gets called on clicking the place order button in the checkout page


class Foostor_Direcpay_Block_Redirect extends Mage_Core_Block_Template
//Mage::log("Entering Redirect Block Page");
protected function _toHtml()
::log("Entering _toHtml()");
$standard Mage::getModel('direcpay/standard');
$successurl 'http://localhost/magento/index.php/direcpay/standard/successResponse';
$failureurl 'http://localhost/magento/index.php/direcpay/standard/failureResponse';
$cmporder $standard->setOrder($this->getOrder())->getStandardCheckoutFormFields() ;
$reqparamvalue '200904281000001|DOM|IND|INR|'.$cmporder['AMOUNT'].'|'.$cmporder['ORDERID'].'06222011'.'|others|'.$successurl.'|'.$failureurl.'|TOML';
Mage::log("Requestparameter value is:".$reqparamvalue);
$form = new Varien_Data_Form();
        foreach ($standard->setOrder($this->getOrder())->getStandardCheckoutFormFields() as $field => $value) {
            $form->addField($field, 'hidden', array('name' => $field, 'value' => $value));
$form->addField('requestparameter''hidden', array('name' => 'requestparameter''value' => $reqparamvalue));
$form->addField('custName''hidden', array('name' => 'custName''value' => 'Nithin'));
$form->addField('custAddress''hidden', array('name' => 'custAddress''value' => '29 E'));
$form->addField('custCity''hidden', array('name' => 'custCity''value' => 'Bangalore'));
$form->addField('custState''hidden', array('name' => 'custState''value' => 'Karnataka'));
$form->addField('custPinCode''hidden', array('name' => 'custPinCode''value' => '560052'));
$form->addField('custCountry''hidden', array('name' => 'custCountry''value' => 'IN'));
$form->addField('custPhoneNo1''hidden', array('name' => 'custPhoneNo1''value' => '91'));
$form->addField('custPhoneNo2''hidden', array('name' => 'custPhoneNo2''value' => '080'));
$form->addField('custPhoneNo3''hidden', array('name' => 'custPhoneNo3''value' => '23510619'));
$form->addField('custMobileNo''hidden', array('name' => 'custMobileNo''value' => '9886990619'));
$form->addField('custEmailId''hidden', array('name' => 'custEmailId''value' => ''));
$form->addField('otherNotes''hidden', array('name' => 'otherNotes''value' => 'Test transaction for direcpay'));
$form->addField('submit','submit',array('name' => 'submit''value' => 'Submit'));
$html '<html>
        <script src="../../../../js/direcpay/dpEncodeRequest.js">
        function encodeTxnRequest()
            document.worldnettps_checkout.requestparameter.value = encodeValue(document.worldnettps_checkout.requestparameter.value);
frame\').src = \''.$standard->getDirecpayUrl().'\';
$html.= $this->__('You will be redirected to Direcpay in a few seconds.');
        foreach ($standard->setOrder($this->getOrder())->getStandardCheckoutFormFields() as $field => $value) {
            $form->addField($field, 'hidden', array('name' => $field, 'value' => $value));
            echo $field . '->' . $value .'<br/>';
$html.= $form->toHtml();
//$html.= '<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("worldnettps_checkout").submit();</script>';
$html.='<iframe id="frame" name="my_iframe" src="" width="100%" height="300"></iframe>';
$html.= '</body></html>';


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