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Exactly how many upgrade extension keys are there? 
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Varien team certainly doesn’t make it easy to find.

For a fresh installation that has no record of extensions in the Connect manager, I have to hunt down many posts to find it.


According to this thread,

To upgrade all core Magento modules, you should select the Mage_All_Latest meta package when you perform the upgrade. This way all dependencies will be maintained.

My custom theme is in DEFAULT folders, from version 1.1.6 to version 1.1.7, the upgrade didn’t overwrite my custom theme (maybe it was as I vaguely remember I didn’t clean the caches), but there were other problem that I ended up running a clean installation. From v1.1.7 to v1.1.8, I use “Mage_All_Latest” to upgrade, my custom theme is complete gone, all replaced by the Magento Default.

Is there an extension key that doesn’t let upgrade replace one’s custom theme (placed in the Default folders)?

If I have only one store, and use a custom design for my store and markups in phtml files are completely different from the Magento Default Theme except the file names , it simply doesn’t make sense to keep a full set of original Magento Default Theme in the server (that is over 600 files)

Is there no way to do selective upgrade via Magento Connect?

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