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set value of attribute of type select
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I wonder how can i change value of attribute that is set as select.

Now i do it in a way that i think is extremely lame but works, anyway i’m sure there must be far easier way to do it, but i didn’t find it…

I hava attribute “seller_confirmation” and i don’t know how to get to its options easily!

I know i could use setSeller_confirmation(285). But what if i don’t know this code and want to set it to value “rejected” and this text value is all i know?

$attrs as $attr{
if ($attr->getAttributeCode()=='seller_confirmation'{


$collection as $option{
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Hi, jakilcz

Ok, this is something seeming not easy at all, and pretty difficult to get completely at first… I mean that was for me.

Here is the magical class for that : Mage_Eav_Model_Entity_Attribute_Source_Table

Once you have the attribute object, you have to get its source, and then its options. Like this :

$seller $attrs['seller_confirmation'];
$options $seller->getSource()->getAllOptions();
then loop through $options to get the id with the text value.

You have to make sure $seller is a completely loaded attribute magento object (a select attribute, of course)

inversely, you could use

$option $seller->getSource()->getOptionText($id);
to get the text of a known id value.

That should do it.
PM me if you have problems with this.

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