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Please Help! Total novice is trying to create a database dump in phpMyAdmin
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This is taken from another post.
“If you have SSH access, you can easily create a database dump using the ‘mysqldump’ utility:”

mysqldump -u mysql_username -p magento_database_name magento-db-backup.sql

Now, you will have a complete backup of your ‘magento_database_name’ database in magento-db-backup.sql. To import the backup into a new database, you can use this command:

mysql -u mysql_username -p new_database_name magento-db-backup.sql

To make a copy of your existing store, you can first create a tar archive of all your files, then extract this into a new location.

Make archivetar -zcf full-backup.tar.gz magento_dir
'magento_dir' is the full path to your Magento root directory.

Extracttar -zxf full-backup.tar.gz
This will extract the content of fullbackup
.tar.gz into the current directory.

“The last step is to edit the app/etc/local.xml to reflect the login credentials of your new database.”

PS: “this short tutorial is very brief, but should provide some guidance as to how to create a clone of your Magento store.”

I really don’t understand the code or what I am meant to do with it tongue rolleye

So, in Myadmin I have gone to the EXPORT tab and am now wondering about the settings seen in image, are they correct?

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